About TootzyPop

Do you ever wonder where the blogosphere is hiding all the smart, urban, plugged in and still young forty-plus women?

Do mommy blogs make you want to take a nap?

Would you rather get your girlfriend advice from Martha, Oprah… or Jane?

Uh huh. Us too.

We’re grownups… but can’t find ourselves in the vanilla world of women’s magazines. We enjoy the stories they tell, but we probably have a different take on things.

We are wives and girlfriends and some of us are moms… but we are as far from The Real Housewives of Anything as we could be.

We are workers and career girls and entrepreneurs… but we are still searching, restless for our second or third act.

If any of that resonates, you’re one of us. And we think you’ll see yourself in a lot of what we have to say.

One more thing: we’re juggling a lot of balls. You probably are too. Who has time for another commitment? That’s why we’re keeping it short. Our daily email is a quick read. One idea that one of us is pondering, and one quick suggestion to help you mull it over if it strikes a chord.

We hope to make you laugh, to make you think, to make you take action. Or just to make you feel among friends.