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April 6th, 2012

It’s finally the weekend and I’m headed to Griffith Park for a nice hike and some quality communing with nature. I love the city, but I’m a country girl at heart and sometimes I need to get away from the grind.

Los Angeles has many wonderful places to hike that feel like you’ve taken a road trip out of town. When I walk one of those dirt trails the magic begins. The stress of the week begins to melt away as I peer across the LA basin and listen to gentle twittering of the birds.

“Look at those silly people down there in their little cars rushing around,” I think to myself, feeling calm, centered and superior.

Just as I’m deep into my nature reverie I turn a bend and hear it. The sound that is as much a part of LA as the constant whooshing of traffic on the freeway is rising up to meet me from a nearby canyon.

It’s the drums.

They start off softly. But as I continue my walk the rhythm becomes more emphatic. I find myself walking in time to the repetitive beat. (It’s always the same beat – can’t these people mix it up a bit?) I realize that I can no longer hear the birds.

I know these nice folks are just enjoying themselves in the park like the rest of us. They don’t mean any harm. In fact, I’m sure they think that everyone around is grooving to their endless beat and that all the world is a big drum-love-fest.

So I ask this in the kindest way:

Dear Drum Circle People,
Can you give it a rest? How about making Sunday a drum-free day? Join the rest of us, and just listen.

Make an effort to do something that you really love every weekend. Getting those endorphins flowing during your time off makes facing a new week so much easier. Check out the Sierra Club hikes in your community and explore the wilds of your own town. Or maybe you could join a drum circle. But if you do, can you ask them to cool it every once in a while?



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