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October 3rd, 2012

In the 8th grade I read a book about two post-college aged girls who took jobs as secretaries and rented rooms in a boarding house just so they could live in New York City. This book ignited my lifelong romance with New York, and in the 1980s I visited for the first time. I spent ten days walking from Harlem to Staten Island (via the ferry). I fell in love with the rooftop of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and got lost in the archives of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture.

Since then I have visited for business and fun, and it continues to stimulate my curiosity and leave me eager to see what’s around the next corner. For the last two-and-one-half years, while living in Northampton, Massachusetts, New York has been just a three-hour train ride away. As I contemplate and prepare for my move back to Pasadena, California, I will miss having easy access to NYC. I loved those mornings when I woke up, hopped on the closest train to The City, and spent five hours meandering the streets. I was back in Northampton by 8pm that night, fully satisfied with how I spent my day.

During a recent trip to New York for business, I walked into my hotel room and decided to add one more day and night to my trip. I had lunch (photo below) at the Whitney Museum (and took in the Yayoi Kusama show), shopped at Bloomingdale’s, and spent time on Broadway watching Audra McDonald and Norm Lewis in Porgy and Bess.

Yes, New York, I will miss you. I am sure I will visit, but the ease with which I will be able to pop down to the city and get my NYC fix is, sadly, over.


Is there a city or country (or a galaxy) that you have fantasized about visiting since you were a child? Well, if you haven’t already figured out a way to get there… do it now. And enjoy!









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