I Need To Stay By The Phone

June 15th, 2012

The other day my husband had arranged to play golf with a friend. When he called the friend to finalize the meeting time the friend said, “I can’t. I need to stay by the phone.” The only phone the friend has is a mobile one. Meaning movable.

We got a good laugh about it, but it made me think about my love/not-so-much-love relationship with my cellular phone. I love it for being convenient and for helping me to not miss calls. I also understand that it is a part of operating in my world and that I need it to compete and communicate. But I don’t love that I feel beholden to check it all the time. And to respond. I think that it has lessened a thinking or cooling down period that we used to have.

The other thing that annoys me — but which I find myself doing, too — is when I get a call and I cannot pick it up and the person does not leave a message. Wait!? Who was it?! Ed McMahon perhaps. Am I RICH? In the past I have called back only to find it was a wrong number, or my phone rings and it is someone saying, “You called me” — but I had made the call to the wrong number.

In the days of yore, before the existence of even the humble answering machine… the days when one truly could have given the excuse of having to stay by the phone, we might have happily gotten an infinite number of calls that did not go through. And you know what? We all survived.

Be a little more lax around your phone. You just might find that things can wait and you can be more relaxed. And for goodness sake, if you want to get out of something, think of a better excuse than, “I need to stay by the phone!”



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