Lipstick And Mayhem

October 11th, 2012

You know how it goes. You sit down, grab the remote, and attempt to ice the sore muscle that is your brain. While relaxing said muscle, you become intrigued by ridiculousness, be it a bug on the screen, how insanely large the heads of news anchors seem, or the phenomenon of the insurance commercial.

Progressive’s super-mod retro babe holds court in what I can only describe as an all white heaven created by the people at IKEA. Folks visit her in her alternate universe, and she solves their woes with charm and sex appeal; more than one man has confided to me that she is a “sure fire” fantasy.

Geico has a gecko, but that reptile does not compare to the earlier campaigns featuring cavemen — one in which a Cro-Mag rides the escalator in an airport, listening to Röyksopp. He does a double-take as he passes a Geico ad revealing, “It’s so easy a caveman could do it.” Nothing like an irritable caveman enjoying modern marvels to make you giggle.

I know mayhem to also be a man (wait, there is more to this sentence)… who personifies pitfalls in the Allstate commercials. He can be a deer in your headlights or a teenage girl driving her new car. We all find mayhem very attractive at times.

These campaigns are far and above anything Larry Tate could have come up with and perhaps an antidote to the nightly cycle of doom and gloom, or pharmaceutical commercials that warn of health horrors, such as restless leg syndrome.

Perhaps we would pay closer attention to Homeland Security if they came up with a more absurdist warning than red light, green light, 1-2-3? (Okay, they did already.) I like catastrophe light and sugary, like my coffee. Am I safe? I don’t know, but I’m laughing.

Does this insane advertising genre have a name? Is there a lesson here? Perhaps taking drama and pitfalls light and sugary with a dollop of humor ain’t a bad idea.



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