Queens Of Comedy

February 29th, 2012

We don’t like to admit it, but life imitates art, and the entertainment industry often informs culture and society. The long-held opinion has been that once a woman hits 40, she’s an ancient relic with no sex appeal or ability to interest the public whatsoever. I think this is no longer true of Hollywood or society in general.

Halle Berry (45), Nicole Kidman (44), Jennifer Lopez (42), Laura Linney (47) and Mary-Louise Parker (47) are all gorgeous, sexy, much-admired and much-employed actresses. On television, Food Network stars Nigella Lawson (52) and Giada DeLaurentiis (41) are unquestionably appealing and sexy, especially when indulging in a little batter off the end of a spoon! Even reality television proves that viewers are plenty interested in watching the 40+ women of Real Housewives.

However, the most inspiring women in entertainment are the Holy Trinity of Comedy Goddesses: Tiny Fey (41), Amy Poehler (40), and Maya Rudolph (who turns 40 this July — Mark your calendar and enjoy a cupcake in honor of Maya that day!) I absolutely love these women because they prove women are just as hilarious (and gross) as men. I used to really dislike female comediennes, because their material always focused on female insecurities about body weight or relationships. Bor-ing! If I want to go make myself fall asleep, I’ll go read that lame comic strip Cathy. Instead, these modern comediennes can embody bizarre conceptual humor and off-the-wall characters, and they’re not shy about flaunting their own form of female sexual bravado or dating men who are considerably younger.

SNL has had its best crop of funny ladies in history. Hooray for Hollywood!

Two honorable mentions turning 40 next year: Kristen Wiig and Kate Beckinsale. Nobody makes me laugh more than Kristen, and nothing keeps me more dedicated to my Pilates workouts than the sight of Kate’s rubber-clad booty in all the Underworld movies!



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