Talk It Out!

April 17th, 2012

A few weeks ago we Tootzypop girls got together to discuss business, laugh and gab. The subject of personal hygiene came up, with someone discussing their belly button cleaning habits today versus when they were kids. Some Tootzies admitted to finding things in their belly buttons they never found in their youth. TMI!

Then the conversation segued to our youthful phone habits, and we asked each other if our phone personas had really changed as adults. I told the story of how my constant talking on the phone as a teenager forced my father’s colleague to drive to my house from the hospital to get me off the phone. Dr. Peyton had tried several times to reach my doctor father for a hospital emergency. Unable to get through, he ended up at my front door, livid, yelling at me to get off the phone!

I am still addicted to my phone, it’s just smarter and mobile now. I text, tweet, FB, email, use the apps, web surf, listen to music… I use all the tools created to make us more efficient or occupy us when bored, but I still talk just as much as ever!

I thought communicating in 160 characters would cut down my speaking time. WRONG! Texting isn’t enough for us Gen Xers. Eventually, we gotta get on the phone to express ourselves and elaborate on those cryptic texts. Most of us Tootzies text to cut down on time on the phone, and yet most of us are still talking on the phone.

And so I talk knowing that my unlimited minutes plan has me covered and that I can always “click over” to another call.

Stop texting and emailing important or long conversations! Pick up the phone & talk it out!



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