The Irony of Being Complicated

It's Complicated Alright
March 13th, 2013

Perhaps it was my graceful plunge into this newest decade of my life, or the fact that I rarely sleep at night, that lured me into watching the movie It’s Complicated at 3am. Clearly my insomnia overrode my culture button and propelled me into this land of make-believe.

It’s Complicated stars Meryl (this ain’t no The Deer Hunter) Streep, Alec Baldwin (who is hairier than a Chia Pet in this film), and, a slightly blanched Steve Martin. The premise of the story is that Streep is (ahem) middle aged and feeling dowdy. Her ex-husband, Baldwin, having cheated on her with a very young woman with a model’s body, is now married to said woman… yet begins an affair with Streep, now his ex-wife. Steve Martin is Streep’s architect and is vying for her attention as well. Surprise! Just as our protagonist thought she had passed her expiration date, she is having more sex than ever, poignantly trumping the young fillies around her.

Now it may have been 3am, but I was not too bleary eyed to take note of two important things.

  • Movies like this are meant to inflate the potentially fragile ego of the middle aged woman, but actually deflate us with their insinuations of fragility and lack of feminine power (sexual or otherwise.)
  • How incredibly ironic is it that in real life Alec Baldwin, 54, just married his yoga teacher, Hilaria, who is 28 and already carrying Baldwin’s kid? Or that Steve Martin just became a first-time father at 67 with his 41-year-old wife, Anne?

If you have a leading role in Schindler’s List, it doesn’t mean that you’re a Nazi. However, the reality is that these actor’s actually prefer younger women and quite possibly an unequal partnership where theirs is the advantage.

Don’t buy the airbrushed reality of entertainment… or entertainers for that matter. There is plenty of romance and sex out there for all of us, at all ages!



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