Too Young To Lead

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September 27th, 2012

It was about this time four years ago that I was upset about the Presidential election. It had nothing to do with right versus left, or red versus blue.

It had everything to do with age.

In 2008, we were looking at a Vice Presidential candidate and a potential First Lady who were both the same age as me. (You see, it’s always about me). I wondered how I got to be so old that people my age could run our country. Did our nation’s leadership skip a generation? Where were all the 50-somethings?

Fast forward four years and now we have a Vice Presidential candidate who is younger than me. How can that be? At my age, I’m having trouble just running my life, and this guy wants to be the second most powerful person in the free world. Maybe I’m just immature.

I guess this is how my parents felt when President Clinton was elected, or how my grandparents felt when President Kennedy was elected. I wasn’t the first to feel this way and I won’t be the last.

And, after four years of reflection, our (very young) First Lady has not only done a great job representing our country, but she has shown the world that a late 40-something can still look great in a sleeveless dress.

Just wait for my post when we elect a President younger than me.

Okay, okay, I know age has nothing to do with responsibility. Maybe you’re not ready to lead a country, but maybe you can do something in your community. Try volunteering – it takes less time and money than a Presidential campaign.



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Our Friends Say
  1. Jean Eckles says:

    She does look spectacular in everything she wears, including her sleeveless dresses! Gives me incentive to keep working out! Thanks Nadine for another blog entry that truly hits home!


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