Mail Sucks

June 21st, 2012

When I was little I loved mail. I begged to be able to collect it, and the site of stamps from all over the world sent me into ecstasy. And there were these things called letters. That were written by people. To other people. Much like email now, but so much more personal. And harder to do. Writing a letter was involved. One needed a writing instrument. Paper. An envelope. Postage. A visit to a mail box. There were these things called Thank You Notes that one would write or receive when some service had been provided.

Today my mail consists of bills and offers of credit cards I don’t want, catalogs of stuff I don’t want and cannot afford, notes from real estate agents wanting me to sell my house and hire them to do it. It seems like today’s mail is 100% commerce oriented.

I recently found the letters that my parents wrote to each other when they were courting. My dad was traveling a lot at the time and many of the letters were written on this fabulous stationery provided by roadside motels. Some have pictures of pools or the parking lot or the restaurant. Each is unique and funny and charming. And the observations are just that. Observations.

I have a friend who loves to text me. And she won’t stop. Her communication goes like this:

Friend: Want to walk tonight at 6?

Me: Sure. Meet at the Rose Bowl then.

Friend: Okay

Friend: You didn’t answer me

Friend: Where are you?

Me (thinking only): No, I didn’t answer you because the plan is 100% set. STOP TEXTING ME.

I wonder how it would go if she had to write a letter.

Get yourself some stationery and write a letter. Before you mail it, put a pretty stamp on it. (The post office has some great choices, including things like superheroes.) If someone does something nice, send a thank you card. Let’s try to start a trend to make the old-fashioned fashionable once again.



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Our Friends Say
  1. Lois Tusan says:

    Loved reading your piece! Going to get out some stationery and write a couple of letters. Letters are so much fun to receive. You are so right all I get in the mail now are offers, bills, and ads.


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