Milk… It Does A Bleeder Good

May 24th, 2012

It’s amazing what a little bloodshed will do to your palate. Every month, the night before my period starts, I drink a half-gallon of milk straight out of the container while standing at the refrigerator door. After the milk, I eat a huge bowl of pasta with pesto sauce, capers, and tuna fish. Next, I have a bowl of cereal (more milk!) for dessert. The day my period starts I eat a huge hamburger and fries late morning, with two more glasses of whole milk — no 2% for me! This menu remains the same, month after month.

My teenage boy-style milk drinking habit started in my 40s. Until then, I hadn’t had a glass of milk since I was 16, let alone a half-gallon in one gulp!

For most of my bleeding life, I never experienced PMS or food cravings. I was one of the lucky ones who would be surprised every time when my period arrived, so I always carried supplies in my bag. Easy breezy! Then, I got serious payback for my two decades of easy flow. My 30s arrived with a big fat dermoid and 30+ fibroids that had me hemorrhaging constantly and all over everything. It took three major surgeries in less than seven years to finally get my periods, the fibroids, and my body under control. Now, I am finally fibroid- and dermoid-free, with short periods and no real PMS (sorry ladies).

I have come to enjoy the night before my period. I grab that half-gallon of milk, stand in front of the refrigerator with the door open, and I ravishingly drink it straight out of the cartoon to the last drop. Yummy.

When you have food cravings due to your period, embrace them. Forget about your diet, eat what you want and enjoy! You might be doing your body good.

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Milk... It Does A Bleeder Good, women 40 and over



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