The End Of My 40s

Warning Turning Fifty
August 10th, 2012

This year seems to be the year that many of my friends turn, or have turned, 50. I know what that means, the writing is on the wall: I’m next!

My two sisters already took the leap, and with each event we gathered ’round, planned or unplanned, to mark this blessed occasion. Now everyone has begun to put a bug in my ear about how I am going to address this crazy change in status. Give a girl a break!

This impending birthday seems to call for an assessment of what we expected in our lives as far as family, relationships, career, or that great unknown: finances. I adore the fact that I am close with my sisters and that many of my friendships go back as far as high school (and earlier). This allows for great conversations about who we were at the precipice of our adult lives, what our expectations were, and how our lives unfolded. Each and every one of us had a life blossom before us that was full of surprises, full of great joys and unexpected hiccups, but never what we expected.

To mark my 50th, I’m not going to climb a mountain, jump out of a plane, or try and fit into a size 6 dress.(Maybe just a size 8). I want to revel in enjoying my last six months of being in my 40s, being alive, having a son whom I adore, owning my own business, and having family and friends whom I care deeply about.

Yes, I wish some things were different. I wish that my father and I would talk to one another, and that I felt more financially secure… and that I would have a game plan for my 50th!

Getting older doesn’t have to be a contest as to what we’ve achieved. There is still time to move forward and there is still time to settle into what destiny has provided.





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