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September 13th, 2012

In recent months, I’ve been carded – twice!

The first time I was with a group of ladies whose ages range from 23 to 75. When I ordered, I was surprised (and giddy) when the waitress asked to see my ID. So, I asked her to repeat her request in a louder voice so the whole table could hear. She graciously obliged, but still checked my ID.

The second time, I was having dinner with a friend in an upscale restaurant. We were both flattered that someone would mistake two women in their late 40s for being two girls in their early 20s. Then we spent the remainder of the dinner talking about the aches and pains of aging (frozen shoulder, back aches, digestive problems – you get the picture).

Getting carded brings me back to my college days, when I used a fake ID and tried to look older. I was so nervous and only got semi-caught once (the bouncer knew the girl whose ID I used, but let me in anyway). But that was almost three decades ago.

Today, I don’t think it’s my youthful looks which prompt people to card me. It could be that they mistake my gray for rebellious blond steaks. Or maybe bars and restaurants are just becoming more vigilant in making sure they don’t serve underage drinkers. (Now that I’m a mother, I think that’s a good thing.)

My husband, who always has a way of bringing me back down to earth, said, “They’re just trying to make you feel better.” Well, maybe he’s right. But there is really nothing that can lift my spirits higher than when someone questions whether I’m old enough to drink.

Savor the moments when someone mistakes you for a much younger person. Oh, and don’t forget to thank them!



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