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May 14th, 2012

Arise, oh slumbering fashionista! It’s an exciting season to be a middle aged shopper.

Fashion is an art, and an artist must create or die a little. I have always needed to say something with my clothes, but I’ve felt shoved out of the game in recent years. It’s hard for a stylish over-40 gal to get it up for the clothes marched off the pages of fashion magazines on models barely out of puberty. (Nobody looks good in a tube top, and I’m very afraid of breaking a hip by falling off a pair of these new Twin Tower platforms!) Enter spring and summer 2012, sporting some of the most creative collections in years, with the kind of coverage that works for a grown up woman. If you don’t believe me, check out Scarlett Johansson looking all Grace Kelly on the cover of May Vogue.

I bolted upright at the sight of the March Harper’s Bazaar. An ad for a subtly printed black Chanel cocktail dress made me salivate: poufy sleeves and layers of petticoats sound age inappropriate, but the high linear neckline and knee length make it work for us. Céline’s peplum-topped pantsuit sounds too flirty, but the angular cut, scoop neck, and monochromatic white top and bottom looks 1940s spunky. A sparkly Rochas green beaded dress (sexy in the magazine, scary on this anorexic model) could have walked off the set of High Society, followed by one gorgeous-but-modestly-cut dress after another. I TOTALLY flipped for a bright orange Derek Lam jumpsuit with an ascetic cut, then there was ANOTHER one by Akris, this time an avocado shift-style with no adornment but some cool waist detail and that spectacular color pop.

The months since have not disappointed. The fashion industry may be prepping for fall, but hopefully the mature take on sexy will stay with us for awhile.

Don’t settle for the middle aged fashion doldrums. Nothing lifts the spirits like getting all dolled up in something that makes you feel pretty, so get jazzed about fashion again. I can’t afford Chanel, Derek Lam, or any of the favorites I’m lusting after, but a world of affordable knock-offs and haute-inspired beauty awaits us.





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  1. Crystal says:

    Love this Marcia! And it was an inspiring issue…Bazaar’s great for the over 40 set!


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