Hair Yesterday, Hair Today

August 6th, 2012

I work with this young woman named Mae. The other day she showed up with flaming red hair. It looks fabulous (her real hair is brown) and it got me thinking about the time I colored my hair purple. It was more than 20 years ago and my mother will still bring it up. (Hi Mom!)

It was reasonably radical at that time. Plus, since I am a brunette I had to bleach first.

Nowadays it’s the norm for the kids to color their hair. My nephew did his in green when he was 11 and it elicited fewer comments than my 20-something purple.

Ironically, I still dye my hair – I started about two years ago. Only this time I dye it the color it is. Pretty funny, really. I sometimes wonder if it would be easier to dye it purple, because that would show up where the grey is now and I would have purple highlights. But I am just not the dyed hair girl anymore. I am the trying-to-age-gracefully-but-unwilling-to-give-in-on-some-things girl. In other words, no plans for a face lift anytime ever… but no plans to go grey either.

It’s kind of a pain and expensive because, unlike my purple hair experience, there is no way that I will let a friend who might be slightly drunk at the time mess with my hair. So it is a trip to a salon and a half a Saturday every three months.

I also started using a Phosphate -free shampoo called Enjoy, and my stylist says my dye job lasts longer than any other client. I think it helps too that I wash three times a week rather than every day.

Aging is inevitable. You cannot hang onto everything, so pick your battles and fight the ones you can win. Also, wear sunscreen!



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