Have A Donut

September 7th, 2012

When I got the news I was in shock. I could barely hear the doctor, but I did manage to make out the dreaded words “donut pillow.”

I cracked my sacrum. It hurts. I have broken bones before, but never as an adult. Bone-breaking is much scarier when your double-digit age starts with a 4 instead of a 1. When you have a 1, you never think about things like lifelong pain and limited mobility. Not so with the 4.

And oh, the horror of a donut pillow! For those of you not inaugurated into the world of posterior accoutrements, this pillow signifies all sorts of health problems. And this accessory is public. Very public. It’s as if you are saying to the world, ‘I have hemorrhoids. Come sit by me.’

So I just could not believe that I was to enter the land of the donut pillow… but here is what happened. I LOVE my donut pillow. But LOVE it. It takes pressure off my back and makes me conscious of my posture. So I started to think: Why not donut pillows for everyone?!

Ladies, you are always looking for that hot new accessory. What could be better than a donut pillow? You can cover it to match your outfit, and once people start to carry them the fashionable designers will start to make fabulous donut pillow carry-alls.

No longer will husbands and boyfriends have just handbags to choose from for gift-giving. The new, wonderful world of donut pillows, donut pillow coveralls, and donut pillow cases will offer a host of opportunities to impress the lady in their lives.

Plus, the health benefits will be vast. Your pillow should relieve many back issues and mitigate the pain and strain of high heels.

Examine how you carry yourself. In your 40s you can mitigate later-life pain by making some small changes. Maybe visit a doctor or chiropractor to get some advice on how to prevent pain and bone loss. My orthopedist said my bones were in very good shape – a testament to my exercise. Make sure to enter each decade the best you you can be.



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  1. Crystal says:

    As I sit here at my desk, typing and consciously sitting up straight…I am thinking that this makes a lot of good sense! Thanks Mary.


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