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September 20th, 2012

Six years ago I nestled under a lamp for an evening of mending, only to note that the thread in my right hand passed only by luck through the eye of the needle in my left… for the needle pulsed in a fuzzy magnetic force field that I recognized with horror as the first sign of presbyopia.

Last year, age-related vision loss finally made it impossible to function without the constant companionship of a good pair of specs. I figured if I have to wear them every day, they better be showstoppers. So I got spendy on two groovy pairs: a 1958 French frame with Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls, and a modified purple cat-eye with rhinestones. The vintage frames came with this ergonomically sensuous black case that just makes me want to pet it.

And I squealed with delight when the salesperson cooed, “You look like someone who would appreciate these,” and offered this doll-sized clutch.

Now, once you start wearing glasses every day, they take a lot of wear and tear, opening and closing constantly and rattling around in your purse. They don’t need cute, they need a sturdy case that will protect your investment. Once those hinges wear out – and after more than a year, they both have – you’ll risk scratches and detached temples every time you reach for them. I’m on my second doll’s case, and my sexy black case is now sheathed in latex — rubber bands to hold it together.

My sturdiest case came with my Brighton sunglasses. It’s oversized and metal. Unlike eyeglass cases that open in half, it has a lid. Its brilliance is a simple metal ridge that holds the lid closed. Because it doesn’t require spring hinges to stay shut, the hinges are unlikely to wear out. After five years, my case is intact and my glasses are good as new.

When you give in to old lady eyes, don’t give in to cute. Go for a simple and sturdy-looking eyeglass case with old-fashioned design and the least possible reliance on the hinges. You might even look for the metal sunglass style I describe, and see if the store will let you swap your eyeglass case for it. That’s what I’ll do next time.



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  1. Crystal says:

    GREAT photo Marcia…and thanks for helping me to articulate that I have presbyopia…I’ve been using the same strength since my self-diagnosis…and, I fear the need to go stronger! Yay to aging!


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