My Prada Is Nada

July 19th, 2012

Last week, I watched in horror as my Prada sunglasses went skidding across a dock and into the Chesapeake Bay. They sank rock-like and were out of sight in two seconds, disappearing into the murky deep to find their final resting place among the oysters and blue crabs. I spent the rest of my East Coast vacation squinting in a $2.99 pair of Forever 21 sunglasses that I brought along as backup. (I can’t believe I had the foresight to do that! Perhaps I knew that my Prada’s days were numbered.)

My first reaction when my shades took a dive was of deep loss. My sunglasses had been my constant companion for five years AND they were the first pair of designer anything that I owned. My second reaction was a heart-racing thrill when I realized that I now had a reason to buy a BRAND NEW pair! Mourning complete; commence shopping!

There are great stores to buy sunglasses in LA, none of which are very convenient to my home in the outer reaches of the city, and I didn’t feel like driving to a hipster neighborhood to fight for parking. (I have made the full conversion to a convenience-loving suburbanite.) I was considering a run to Sunglass Hut when my husband reminded me of a little store called the Society of the Spectacle.

About two miles from my house, the store resides in a cute bungalow among auto mechanics and taco trucks. Woe to anyone who has passed by this little gem without going in — especially on a Saturday when there are FREE cupcakes! After indulging in a coconut cupcake, you can peruse hundreds of unique glasses, including an amazing line of hand-made French specs. I walked out the proud owner of a pair of 1940s-style translucent blue shades, feeling like Rita Hayworth.

Before you go to a chain store, check out the little specialty shops in your neighborhood. There’s a real thrill to finding something unique that everyone on the planet doesn’t own, plus you’ll be supporting the small businesses in your community. When I’m ready for a new pair of reading glasses, I’ll definitely pay another visit to my local spec shop (most likely on a Saturday, for added baked good benefits).



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Our Friends Say
  1. That’s a GREAT store….and story. Thanks for posting!

  2. Marcia says:

    FYI, Harriet really does resemble Rita Hayworth. I wasn’t sure if the photo was actually her or Rita!

  3. McKenna Rowe says:

    I’m ALL over that shop! Thanks for the tip!


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