I Am Woman, Hear Me… Meow?

I Am Woman, middle aged women
April 24th, 2012

Yes, I’m quoting Helen Reddy. I grew up with this ‘70s anthem, and in hindsight I may have taken this message too seriously. I am in my 40s, single, and I date on and off, with the occasional “friend with benefits” situation. I have a great family, I am self-sufficient, I relocated across country for an important career opportunity. I keep myself moderately fit, I laugh a lot, read a lot, spend time with friends. In my opinion, I have created a great life.

A great life, according to my 8-year-old nephew, that could be enhanced by a husband. “Why don’t you have a husband, Auntie?” he asks. I reply, “Why do you think I need a husband?” And he says, “Because you need someone to take care of you. Like my mom has my dad, and Beyoncé has Jay-Z.” I bristle for a moment and refrain from touting a feminist diatribe to an 8-year-old. Instead, I explain how well I can take care of myself, and that a woman doesn’t need a man to complete her.

And then I look at my sister-in-law and brother and I see a lioness and a lion, taking care of each other. I consider that the idea of a partner, a teammate who I can share my life with. And this idea is appealing. I think I need to work on quelling the roar and working up a few catcalls so that when the right man comes along, ya know, he’ll “put a ring on it!”

Check out Helen Reddy’s famous feminist anthem and compare it to Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies,”  two different vibes, both inspirational.

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Our Friends Say
  1. Barbara says:

    So well stated I have nothing to add. Other than I guess I can admit now that while I appreciate the lyrics to Helen Reddy’s song, I never really liked it musically. I know, sue me and label me a traitor. Especially since I love Beyonce’s for the confidence and energy that never fails to make me smile when I hear it.

  2. Cameron Turner says:

    Crystal, I have always admired you as a deep-thinking and warm-hearted woman. I love this eloquent, funny, deep and optimistc blog post! Your “lion and lioness taking care of each other” is the perfect metaphor for the partnership that makes a good and lasting marriage. I also admire how you take pride in the great life you have made for yourself while also being open about perhaps trying a different approach to relationships — and you say all of that without the bitterness and cynicism that so many people (myself included) often feel.

    Great blog! Looking forward to many more!

    • Delisa Hudson says:

      Crystal, what can I say…all that you have written I think was put just PURR-FECTLY!

      I too can’t wait for your next post. GO GIRL!!

  3. Nadine says:

    Great post — who knew you can trace a line from Helen Reddy to Beyonce? Looking forward to more!

  4. Crystal says:

    Barbara, Cameron and Nadine! Thank you for the support…this was fun and I am looking forward to writing more too! Cheers!


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