The Christmas That Almost Isn’t

December 6th, 2011

With my girl-goggles on, I grew up to be married with children. On Christmas Eve, hubbie and I would play Santa for the kids, then he would pull me under the mistletoe and slip a beautifully wrapped box into my hands. Inside would be the perfect gift. It would be expensive-ish.

Right-o. Can somebody explain to me how none of this came true?! After nearly a half century, I know next to nothing about men’s clothing sizes, and my only Christmas presents come from my mom and sisters. My 9-year-old now wants to buy for me, but since I’m paying and trolling for somebody to take her shopping, I’m treating myself to that carmel latte candle.

If I had a husband, here’s what I’d fantasize about finding under the tree this year:

Sexy Kitchenware – I get hot under the collar thinking about a Le Creuset dutch oven and a set of de Buyer bake sheets. I would do just about anything on my tabletop for a set of antique Venetian glass goblets.

Best Boots On Earth – I can only afford the half off room at Cydwoq, but I’d be happy as a gam in some full price boots from this season’s collection.

Home For The Holidays – I love to cozy up with my House Beautiful and obsess over home decor. My guy could scatter some gorgeous pillows around, then light my fire with this pendant lamp.

Of Course, There’s Always Jewelry – I don’t know about diamonds, but if he’s asked my best friends my guy knows my favorite local jewelry store is Sumi’s.

Polka Me – For a good time, call Dave’s Accordian School so I can learn to play my mom’s old Hohner.

Look for the beauty in every gift large and small — the thought and love my daughter put into that candle, and the pride she felt in giving it, are worth so much more than anything I listed here. And if you don’t have a romantic partner to buy you a present, go buy yourself something special!




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Our Friends Say
  1. Nadine says:

    Having a husband doesn’t guarantee romantic and/or expensive gifts — trust me on this one!


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