The High Cost Of Loving

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February 14th, 2012

Like Valentine’s Day, New Years Eve to me is all about love. And by that, I do not mean that it’s a time for connection and celebration with that special someone. What I mean is, if you’re already hooked up, why bother? At age 25, I might have ponied up for a prix fixe dinner with friends or braved a frigid Times Square because who knows?… Mr. Right may be inches away about to spill his Bartles & James all over my thrifted-and-nowhere-close-to-warm-enough leopard print coat, then spend the rest of the night trying to make it up to me. The morning-after hangover of a steep dry cleaning bill and empty wallet was well worth it because of one thing: possibility.

These days, I spend both holidays with the guy I’ve loved for over 15 years. A celebration of our relationship is more likely to feature a burrito than a fancy meal. And my last trip to the dry cleaner was probably about a pee stain. It’s not that we aren’t feeling the love. It’s just that Valentine’s Day and NYE both seem like a mad scramble to get a dinner reservation and a check that’s twice what it would be on any other night. Another day of feeling broke and rushed just isn’t my idea of celebration.

But I haven’t become an unromantic party pooper because my possibilities have disappeared. They’ve just changed, partly because my romantic hopes have been realized in so many ways. These days I’m invested in our family’s potential – be it my daughters’ emerging talents, our ever-changing career paths, or our next creative experiment. Instead of looking for love or rejoicing that we’ve found it, we’ve got our eyes on the bigger prize: a connection that sustains every area of our increasingly complex lives.

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