The Valentine’s Gift Every Man Loves: Sex!

February 13th, 2012

Howdy there, cowgirls! I know you might be agonizing over planning the perfect date or buying the perfect gift for your special guy for Valentine’s Day. That might be even more difficult than ever on a tight budget. But I say, forget about the restaurant reservations or hitting up Go for an old-fashioned approach with guaranteed success… SEX!

“Duh!” you might be saying. “Doesn’t everyone kind of hope for some Valentine’s Day booty?” It may sound obvious enough, but when’s the last time you went out of your way to arrange a whole evening alone with your guy, with NO distractions? (That means: no TV, no kids, no phones, laptops, etc.)

And let’s not waste time with the preemptive booty call fancy dinner. Honestly, by the time you’ve driven across town, valet parked, stuffed yourself, and downed three glasses of wine, you’re probably ready to fall fast asleep. Heck, I can’t even make it past 10pm anymore… I can’t imagine how exhausted you PARENTS must feel!

Take Valentine’s day off (or at least a half day) so you have some time to prepare and get in the mood. Don’t fall into the trap of barely escaping work at 6pm, then fighting traffic all the way home. Nothing can put a sexy mood on ice like bumper-to-bumper! Squeeze in a good workout at the gym to help you feel radiant and body confident, then plenty of time at home to spruce yourself (and the bed) up nicely.

This year, forget the dinner, forget the gifts. Get clean sheets on the bed, shower, shave and exfoliate… and send the kids, the dogs, and Grandma a-packin’. Sex is great for your immunity, blood pressure, and your relationship.

Here’s your no-fail kit for a great night:
1) Music: Prince’s Under the Cherry Moon
2) Ambience: Vanilla-scented soy candles burn clean, and vanilla is a scientifically proven scent for firing up a guy’s engines. And everyone feels more attractive by candlelight.
3) Snacks: You’ll be hungry later, so how about a sensual fruit platter? Blindfold your man and feed him exotic treats like passionfruit, guava, and lychee.




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