Give And Let Give

Give and let give
September 19th, 2012

When I think about my career, I like to define myself as a facilitator of gratitude and goodness. I work in the field of philanthropy; I am a fundraiser. It is hard, unglamorous, challenging work. The work is often tedious and fiercely disappointing. But when it is good, it is immensely rewarding. In this career one must have patience, tolerance, acceptance, hope, and extreme optimism and faith.

I absolutely love people and I have the capacity and skill to connect easily with others. I have to facilitate relationships between individuals and the cause they are passionate about. To be good at this job, I have to listen deeply and sincerely, and help each person connect with something that makes them feel really good. When this works it results in the person’s commitment to donate their cash or assets in order to make a positive and transformational impact in our society.

Today, a feeling of gratitude permeates my entire life. My basic needs have always been met; I have never, ever been afraid that I would not have food to eat or a place to sleep. My gratitude fuels my own philanthropic commitment.

In my early 30s, before I pursued this career, I made a conscious decision to donate regularly to my college alma mater to say ‘thank you’ for all of the financial aid I received during my four years. (I started with giving $10 a month.) By expanding my giving from my alma mater to my community I am saying thank you to organizations that help people. I am participating in goodness.

Think about how you would like to expand your platform for facilitating goodness in this world. If it involves a cause that needs your resources, give freely and with joy.



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