Negotiate, You’re Worth It

February 6th, 2013

In the last six months, I negotiated my salary, a car purchase, painting my house, a new roof, and now a refinance. Negotiating is hard. Negotiating is worth every ounce of sweat, research, and stress. Negotiating is fun!

To prepare for a negotiation, you must do your homework. For the job, I researched cost of living and salaries, and I made a budget of my future expenses. was incredibly useful, and I purchased a book called Salary Tutor that I inhaled then set my plan that completely paid off. I fought for the talent I bring and was silent while my now-employer offered a salary that was my absolute bottom line. It was not my ideal salary, but it will work for a while.

The car negotiation was next, and research consisted of downloading a few apps: Edmunds, the Kelley Blue Book, and Consumer Reports for their pricing advice. I test drove every car that I was interested in and listened to several sales pitches. When I chose the used Prius, I checked the apps during the negotiations and I felt really good about the price I settled on.

For the paint job, I had to negotiate the time it was going to take. For this one, I used the age-old tactic of crying. I cried on the phone to the painter to ensure a timeline that worked for me. Don’t judge me: crying on demand, in the appropriate situation, is incredibly effective (especially with men — Shhhh, don’t tell anyone I said that!).

In our 40s there is no excuse not to negotiate and get the best deal we deserve. It takes courage. But you if you’ve had babies or a husband you have more courage than me, fa sho’!

The next time you have an opportunity to negotiate, do it! This week, I spent two nights at a hotel that charged $23 per night to park. As I was checking out, with a smile I said, “Is there any way I can get one night of the parking fee waived?” She looked at me, cracked a smile (I was totally silent), and said, “Since this is your first time here, I will waive both nights and I hope you will visit us again!”




Our Friends Say
  1. Nancy Young says:

    Go, sister! You are a world of talent and any employer would be lucky to get you! Thanks for the reminder that we should always ask/negotiate for what we want and need. It’s funny, I’m going through almost the exact same negotiations as you are… Even right up to the roof replacement?! Our lives are parallel. Can’t wait to see you!

    • Crystal says:

      Hey Nancy – thanks for the comment! Good luck with everything- I LOVE my roof now too- I called all of his references and drove by all of the houses that he suggested. Now, I just want to camp out in front of my house and stare at my roof all day!


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