The Freedom Of Letting Go

June 26th, 2011

It’s been a few months since the grand opening of my own yoga studio.  As I embark on this scary and exciting adventure, I find myself looking back upon my past, as every newbie entrepreneur must surely do.  For many years, I was the person who always had the answers.  Everyone always said, “McKenna knows the answer.  McKenna will know what to do.  McKenna can build it.”  I trusted my own instincts perhaps more than others. So I took control myself, relatively speaking, most of the time.  Whenever I had to manage or rely on other people, I got nervous.

I needed to and did adjust and trust when large-scale work called for a team. I often felt there were times when I could have done the job myself faster or better.  But it was more frequent that, if I let go just a little, that others would show me a better way.  If I let go of control – even if I had to mentor, inspire, drive – the result was often better and more satisfying than if I’d gone it alone.

Now, with my yoga studio, I must follow this philosophy of trust more than ever.  I cannot stay tied to every gritty detail, or I will burn out, exhausted and stressed. Instead, I’m slowly learning to let go of control. I’ve had to put my faith in the good instincts and marketing savvy of all of our instructors and the wonderful extended yoga studio community. And I’ve discovered that it’s not so bad!

The leader must remain the Captain of the ship, steering the broad vision to carry the project forward.  But this venture is much bigger than just me. Faith is what makes the lantern glow as we set out together into the foggy, unknowable, unreadable seas.



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Our Friends Say
  1. Felix says:

    Hi Captain McKenna, your real experience inspired me as I am at a similar situation now. Thanks for your sharing. Cheers, Felix

  2. Andie Williams says:

    I do yoga everyday to help my sciatica and back injury, it helps keep my flexible and walking.

  3. McKenna says:

    Thanks Andie and Felix; I hope things are going great for you both in business and your yoga practice!


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