Work From Home Can Work

March 4th, 2013

CEO Marissa Mayer is a hot topic again due to her announcement to ban Yahoo’s work from home policy. Due to current difficulties, Yahoo! might need to take this approach to evolve. However, I think they’ll lose good people to this policy change. They need to be modern and innovative in their approach to both their business and work culture.

For almost 20 years I’ve been working at a “desk job,” the type of work addressed in this policy. The debate seems to be about whether to offer working from home (WFH) at all. I think it’s about how you structure the policy. One factor should be age or seniority of employees. Sorry, but 23-year-olds don’t need to work from home. They need to experience what it’s like to build company culture and plan, meet, and negotiate face-to-face. However, those of us… ahem… more experienced workers have already absorbed these professional lessons.

The best approach is a balance between real face time and WFH. My friend is employed by a large corporation that allows her to work completely from home. At first she liked it, but she sometimes expresses feelings of loneliness and disconnection; she’s not always sure how she’s contributing and performing. However, I like my current situation, where I work from home two days per week. Not having to do the daily grind for just a few days has restored my sanity! I have enthusiasm, energy, and ideas to spare. Sure, sometimes during my WFH day I take an extra hour to go hiking in the middle of the day. But that hour off gets cancelled out all the time by voluntary work on weeknights and weekends.

The net result: I’m contributing more to the company. And I look forward to seeing everyone at the office.

Join the conversation here with your comments, and on other blogs and forums around the web. There is no doubt that the needs of both companies and workers is evolving with both technology and the economy, and companies can only create policies that are well-suited to modern workers if we make our voices heard and tell them what we need.



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  1. Gokhan says:

    Some companies may like more to see their workers to be at the office. But there some type of jobs that it gives really more eligibility to work from home. There should be another offer that enables you to work from home.


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